Our Host is currenttly experiencing some technical issues. We are holding off to give them time to fix these issues which we hope will be completed by tomorrow morning 18th. reverting to backups on a new host would take longer so we are giving this host the benafit of doubt and waiting for them to fix their issues. We are sorry for any inconvenience and as soon as the host has fixed their problem we will be back up and running. We have placed this message on a different host so that we can inform you of what is going on while leaving the main servers for them to fix.

Update 2: All services will be restored this weekend. Our host has resolved their issues and are now restoring all services back. We are sorry that it took longer than we anticipated but our host has been working 24/7 for the last few days trying to restore all servers. To prevent this from happeneing again we are mirroring everything now on two seperate hosts so if one again has an issue like this we can simply switch to the other without any downtime in the future.
What happened was our host ran a clean up script and for some silly reason had not tested this script before hand but simpky ran on a live enviroment. This script had a fault in it and it simply deleted everything of every server they run. I personally would not like to be the person who ran that script..
Again we are sorry for the downtime and all will be back in place this weekend.

Update: We have created another chrome extension to tide you over till our host resolves their issues. You can download the chrome extension here: Chrome Extension
Please dissable any Adtelly chrome extension that you may have currently by doing the following:

1. Go to chrome settings (three lines at the top right corner of chrome).
2. Select "More Tools" and then select "Extensions".
3. Click on the tick which says Enabled to dissable any other Adtelly Chrome extension that you may have.
4. Download and use this extension till we are back up and running.